Africa - "a place where you can see the earth be born, ... A place so beautiful that words cannot describe it"
- John P. Strelecky (Life Safari)

south africa spiritual journey - Soul Quest for Men & Women

- In October 2018, Eva-Maria Zurhorst became my inspiration for this journey to the soul.
Together with her and ten other women, I set off for South Africa for the first time. What I received in the wilderness of the Motherland was beyond my expectations. My inner and outer world has since been expanding and thriving in the most amazing ways. New miraculous relationships and projects have been appearing. I discovered my ancestral roots in Capetown. And the quest created a strong desire in me to share this truly life-changing path with others. So, I created the Soul Quest Retreats. -

Have a rendez-vouz with your soul in the birthplace of all!
Capetown/Great Karoo
12-23 November 2020



This is a journey for all peacemakers, healers, restorers, visionaries, storytellers and lovers of all kind. It is a path to reconnect and a vision quest for awakening women & men to transform and consciously co-create the way we live, work, parent, relate and make love.

  • It is right for you when you feel ready and eager for change.
  • It is right for you when your heart votes for more expansion, nourishment and joy.
  • It is right for you when you realise that at the beginning of everything in your world is your conscious relationship with you.
  • And it is right for you when you know that the key to being human lies in our deep connection with nature and everything that is.


We invite 10 women & men to embarque with us on this unique journey of the soul


 "When male and female combine, everything falls into place.”

- Lao Tse

“We are all here to contribute our gifts toward something greater than ourselves, and we'll never be content unless we are.”

- Charles Eisenstein



An overview of your journey

  • Your journey starts with the moment you book it. With our support, you use the time until your departure to prepare your body, your mind and your soul for the journey ahead. You get in touch with the other men and women who will travel with you and you shape your intention for this quest.
  • The days in Cape Town before your transition into the wilderness are an additional opportunity to prepare your inner world. In the external world, you will experience a multitude of changes in perspective to inspire and support your inner journey. 
  • The drive from Cape Town into the wilderness takes around three to four hours and is a wonderful opportunity to soak up the wide open spaces and the diversity of this country. It also gives you enough time for a gentle inner transition from one place to another.
  • During the 4 days of your quest in the wilderness you are accompanied while you recognize and transform yourself on different levels.
  • You work on your presence in the moment and a heightened level of care for and awareness of nature.
  • We’ll be in the wilderness every day, and on our walks, you will be guided through the different phases of your life – past, presence and future – with nature as your mirror.
  • With your clear intention in mind, you spend a whole day in the wilderness, all by yourself and in a silent dialogue with nature and your heart (your solo day). You bring your questions with you. And you will receive answers.
  • The deeply experienced connection with nature will change your perception far beyond your personal issues and intentions. You undergo a profound heart opening process and clarify your vision of the future you wish to create. As a result, you will begin taking decisions from a new and clearer point of view.
  • Upon return from the desert, we provide the necessary space and support to integrate the insights of your journey at all levels and to prepare you for your return to your everyday life.
  • As part of your integration time, we will also enter a space of heart connection in the outer world as guests of a unique Playback Theater Soirée, where we meet South Africans from different backgrounds who share their stories with us and welcome us with ours. This experience is a great gift, that most people will never forget. And it is likely to make you wonder and shine. The Soirée is also a space for inspirations and creative impulses regarding ways how you could personally contribute to more understanding, communication and connection between North and South and possibly to a more sustainable economic basis in South Africa. In any event, it will expand your work and life horizon and eventually your perspective of life in general.
  • After this profound shared journey, the connections with your travel companions, women & men from with very different backgrounds and life stories, have the potential to become a source of lifelong friendships and far-reaching mutual support.


Travel Diary

Day 1
A soft landing and a gentle arrival – Relax :-)

You arrive in Cape Town no later than in the morning of February 19, 2021. You will be picked up by our driver, together with other participants arriving approximately at the same time as you. Claudia, Gail and Lesley will welcome you at our Guesthouse. Today, you have time to relax, eat, rest or enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool. You will have the opportunity to book different kinds of massages, body and energy work in advance for this day. We introduce you to the programme for the following days and invite you to a walk on the beach and a joint dinner. Should you not have started a journal before the Quest, this is the moment to start journaling. Reflecting your inner and outer experiences through writing will be an important part of your journey and supports you in your clarity, awareness and focus.

Day 2
Getting in touch with Africa – Be inspired and discover yourself in what’s new and unfamiliar to you

This is a day of connection - with yourself and with the new world around you. We will meditate, enjoy a delicious breakfast, and Claudia and Gail run the welcome seminar for all participants. After lunch, we start our tour around the Cape of Good Hope. This is an opportunity to take in Cape Town and South Africa with open eyes and to adopt new perspectives.

Day 3
Tuning in body, spirit and soul - Let yourself in deeply to connecting with Africa

We invite you to begin this day with a unique ritual, a cold water immersion in the natural sea ponds of Capetown. After breakfast we depart for a special meditation on the famous Table Mountain. You will have the opportunity to shape your intention for your Quest and to ask the world's oldest mountain for its support. We will have lunch in one of Captowns wonderful little restaurants. Afternoon and evening are reserved again for your relaxation before entering the wilderness experience. You will also have an opportunity to book body and energy healing sessions in advance for this day. We complete the day with a light supper.

Day 4
Departure into the wilderness – Embrace the challenge

After an early-morning breakfast, our two wilderness guides, Zuzanka and Lolla, will pick us up. We drive to our camp with a van and a jeep and get a fantastic first introduction to the amazing nature that awaits us at the camp, where we will be welcomed with refreshments and a delicious light lunch. Afterwards, you’ll have time to unpack and make yourself at home in your tent, before Zuzanka & Lolla start with an introduction and invite us to their first workshop and a first walk into the wilderness. We end the day with a tasty dinner under the stars.

Day 5
Immersion in nature and in your intention – Let go & Find

After breakfast, our first morning seminar with meditation takes place with Zuzanka and Lolla. Here, you prepare yourself for the walk and the one-day workshop with the two guides. The central topic of this day is your intention and your preparation to get in the mood for your solo day in the wilderness. You will be guided through different phases of your life, past, present and future. We end the day with a light dinner.

Day 6
Your encounter with Mother Earth – Trust & Receive

Today is your solo-day and you will spend it on your own in the wilderness. You will fast until the evening. Therefore, all you have for breakfast is herbal tea. This enables your body to be fully available energetically for your forthcoming internal experiences. Equipped with a lot of drinking water and sunscreen, you embark on the most important walk towards your solo experience. Zuzanka and Lolla accompany us on this path into the very depths of nature and will also guide us back to the camp together. At the end of this day, you’ll be greeted with a surprise and of course an exceptionally good dinner.

Day 7
Your inner clarity and your commitment – Listen to your feelings & Realize

You begin the day with breakfast and the morning round, followed by a meditation at the waterfall. Now, it is all about committing yourself more profoundly to everything that you have found, experienced and received. Insights sink in. Maybe some decisions and plans are beginning to take shape. During the day, we are served a lunch and an early dinner. We celebrate our farewell from the wilderness and after dinner, we’ll return to our private Cottage near Cape Town, where we find the ideal space for the reverberations from our time in the wilderness. For those who might feel a bit peckish later, a light goodnight snack will be offered.

Day 8
Consciously shape the transition – Integrate & Connect

After breakfast, Lesley takes us on a very special and playful two-hour journey of anchoring and integration. And integrating your experiences in body, mind is also the focus of the rest of the day. We have prepared a short and exquisite coaching, exercise and reflection programme for you. You can book various sessions in advance. Sophie will indulge us with her unique ‘love kitchen’ from the morning until the evening. And, naturally, the sea, the sun, the moon, the water, as well as the plant, stone and animal kingdoms are there to support you during this sensitive time of your journey

In the evening, we will be guests at a special Soirée where you meet with extraordinary South African women & men of different backgrounds. We  will share our stories with each other, and together we open up a heart based, creative space for connection and co-creation. This is a magical event that has the potential to inspire new perspectives, contacts, friendships, projects and partnerships on many levels.

Day 9
Find the beginning in the end – Let go & Arrive again

Allow breakfast to wake you up slowly and gently. Now Claudia and Gail invite you to take part in a morning meditation. Again, this final day is about integrating your experiences – and about letting go. In the afternoon, Claudia and Gail hold the final seminar. It also offers space for body and energy work, for relaxation and of course for your journaling. We end the day and your journey with a farewell dinner at Love Kitchen Chef Clare-Louise Thomas' private house in a beautiful nature reserve, where she creates one of her famous eco meals for us.

Day 10
Farewell to Africa – Hugs & Kisses

Sophie's substantial breakfast is a great preparation for your flight back. It is time to say goodbye …. On this day, we offer you a group transfer to the airport.
And please know: You can leave Africa, but Africa will never leave you again.



The women and man by your side

"Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher" - Oprah Winfrey



Claudia Shkatov
Theo Sentis
Gail Corte
Lesley Palmer


During your entire journey, you’ll have three strong, caring and attentive companions by your side. They have all worked successfully with women and men for many years.

Claudia Shkatov, based in Berlin, founder of the Soul Quest Retreats, holistic counsellor, intuitive coach, theta healer, and mother of 3 sons, guides you through the days before and after your wilderness experience and is part of the accompanying team in the wilderness. Her unique talent is to listen to the voices of the heart and to inspire and co-create inside and outside heart-based connection with and between human beings.

Theo Sentis, based in Cologne, entrepreneur, holistic consellor, coach, trainer and father of two adult sons guides you through the days before and after your wilderness experience together with Claudia. He is also part of the accompanying team in the wilderness. Theo had his moment of awakening in 2002, when he was diagnosed with cancer, which changed his perspective of life and took him on an exciting inner and outer healing journey. Theo's passion is to open hearts and support the healing between the male and the female.

Gail Corte, born in South Africa and based in Capetown, holistic counsellor, mother of 4 adult children and grandmother, is Claudia’s partner on site. She’s in charge of organizing all local matters and looks after our wellbeing. Gail is a master of communication & humour and an absolute angel!

Lesley Palmer grew up in Namibia. Today she lives in Capetown. She is a drama and movement therapist, and mother of two small children. With her extraordinary work, she supports integrating your experiences in body and mind during the days after your stay in the wilderness. She is also founder and owner of the Groundspring Theatre Company in  Capetown and organizer of unique Playback Theatre Soirées that are part of our program.

For all of us, this is a project very close to our heart :-).


Zuzanka Jansen van Rensburg and Lolla Odendaal are wilderness guides with their heart and soul. They share their deep love for our earth and its unconditional and nourishing healing powers with you. Both grew up on farms and feel completely safe and deeply trusting when connecting with and being in nature. For many years now, they have accompanied people into the wild and powerful spaces of the Western Cape in South Africa. And it is an honour and a great pleasure for them to open up the extraordinarily beautiful South African landscapes for you and make them accessible as a mirror for your healing and transformation process. Zuzanka and Lolla invite you to return to your natural cycles and rhythms, your authentic forms of expression and your feminine essence via the cycles and the expressiveness of ‘Mother Nature’.

Learn more about these two great women and their work in the following introductory video:


A whole stream of events is triggered by the decision. For the person who has taken the decision, it evokes all kinds of possible events; encounters and material help that nobody would have ever dreamt could materialize in this way. Whatever you can do, or whatever you dream of – begin to do it now. Genius, power and magic can be found in brave acts.

- Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe



Price for the seminars, coaching sessions, workshops, accommodation in the camp, organization, local logistics, and full board: EUR 3,900.00
Price for early birds with a confirmed booking by June 10, 2020: EUR 3,600.00


Not included in the price are:

  • All flights (domestic and international)
  • The costs for your accommodation in Cape Town – double room (shared by two) approx. EUR 700 for 5 nights


Please apply at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!. If you have any questions about the journey before you make your booking, please do not hesitate to contact Claudia. Her telephone number is +49 170 7743064.

PLEASE NOTE:: A deposit of EUR 2,600.00 is immediately payable upon registration to secure your place for the seminar journey. The remaining amount will have to be transferred before August 30, 2020.

We book your accommodation in Cape Town. We’ll inform you about payment details for your accommodation after you’ll have booked your place in the seminar group.




A maximum number of 10 women & men can take part.

Apply now!


February 19-28, 2021
Women & Men



Questions & Answers

Can I make phone calls in the camp or do I have Internet access?

There is no Internet access in the camp. Please inform your family before the beginning of the journey that you will not be contactable on your mobile phone between 11 and 14 November 2019. Before your departure into the wilderness, we’ll provide you with an emergency phone number for your family.

How about travel insurance and a travel health insurance?

We are not a tour operator. Therefore, we recommend that you take out a travel insurance and a travel health insurance. The entire journey takes place at your own risk, and we do not assume any liability for accidents or any other unforeseeable events.

Should I get any vaccinations before the journey?

Please get the necessary information at the Institute for Tropical Medicine in your respective country and decide yourself: (information in German only)

It is generally advisable to get the vaccinations commonly recommended for South Africa: Tetanus, polio, diphtheria and hepatitis A. Please also consult with your GP about recommended vaccinations for the Cape region.


What are the showers and the toilets like in the camp?

In our camp, we have very simple, yet very aesthetic and spotlessly clean sanitary facilities. You can even have an open-air shower and enjoy the wonderful views of the surrounding landscape if you like.

What are the temperatures like in South Africa, and what kind of clothes should I wear?

In the Cape region, the weather in early summer (the middle of November) can still change quite a bit, and it can be very windy at times. It is important to have adequate sun protection – sunscreen and a sun hat. During the day, it can be very hot. Mornings and evenings are significantly cooler. Please pack several layers that you can wear and take off as required. After registering, you’ll receive a detailed list what to pack.

What do I need to know about mosquitoes, poisonous insects and other animals?

Our camp is in a dry mountainous farmland region. There are not many mosquitoes in that area. If you are sensitive or have allergic reactions to mosquito bites, please make sure that you bring a good insect repellent for yourself. As a general rule, there are poisonous spiders, insects and snakes in Africa. Baboons live in the area surrounding our camp, but there are no dangerous wild animals.

What happens if I’m bitten by a snake or a scorpion?

We carry out immediate first-aid measures and you’ll be transported to the next hospital. Up to now, we have not experienced any snake or scorpion bites.

What happens in the case of a medical emergency?

There are modern hospitals in Cape Town and Stellenbosch with excellent medical and hygienic standards. By car, Stellenbosch is approximately two hours away from the camp. The camp itself is equipped with a first-aid kit and some basic medication.

Where is the accommodation in the camp and what is it like?

You’ll sleep comfortably in the camp – either alone or sharing with one other woman in a spacious tent, on a thick mattress and with a good pillow. We recommend that you bring your own sleeping bag.



My partners and I share the passion to discover internal and external itineraries that can make us happy and where other people can safely follow us. With this seminar journey, we offer you such a tried and tested itinerary. It follows the vision of a world where human beings show their real truth and greatness. 

However, we are not a travel agency. Therefore, what we offer are exclusively our coaching and presentation services in seminars, workshops and discussion rounds. Naturally, our entire team is truly committed to making your travel experience unique. You pay for your flights and your Cape Town accommodation in the hotel and the beach house yourself.

We recommend that you take out a private travel insurance and a travel health insurance, and we assume no liability for accidents, injuries or any other incidents.

You take part in this journey at your own risk!


General terms and conditions for the journey

(1) You can cancel your booking within 14 days of the registration without giving any reasons.

(2) If you cancel your booking up to 3 months before the start of the journey, a fee of 50% of the total amount due is payable.

(3) If you cancel your booking up to 2 months before the start of the journey, a fee of 80% of the total amount due is payable.

(4) If you cancel your booking at any later stage, we cannot refund any fees and the total amount due for the seminar journey is payable.

(5) Should you become unavailable to go on this journey at short notice, you can nominate another person in your place.

We make payments in advance to secure local availability of accommodation and people.